My Favorites

Rainbows, Whiskers on Kittens and an American Sign Language handshape for "I Love You" representing self publish author and illustrator Lindsay Dain's favorite things

"Rainbows on roses and whiskers on kittens......"

I have met a lot of small business owners and people/organizations that are really making a difference! I use a lot of things that are huge for my line of work as well. These are a few of my favorites. Check them out!

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  • Sister creators of A and J Books, who self publish medium content books through Amazon KDP and Kindle Direct Publishing

    A and J Books

    Jessie (J) and her sister (A) draw, design and self publish a variety of books for a wide range of ages to strengthen skills, spark creativity and improve mental health.

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  • "Making Friends With Feelings" a self published children's picture book about emotions.

    Making Friends with Feelings

    Keith Ruffner and Beth Wuller of Neugroove have a mission to "Help the world hurt less and love more, by healing one soul at a time."

    Get "Making Friends with Feelings" 
  • "The Crab Rap" a self published children's picture book about a silly crab and a song.

    The Crab Rap

    Tad took a fun, family jingle that he made up for his kids and turned it into a song and story that people around the world can enjoy!

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  • Monique Randle and her self published picture book "Benjamin Goes to School" about her son's disabilities.

    Benjamin Goes to School

    Monique Randle started this series about her son, Ben who was born with a multitude of medical issues. She hopes to motivate, support and encourage other families around the world.

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  • Becky Cooper from Be Kind Books and her self published picture book called "The Gifts Emotions Give Us" created and sold through Amazon KDP and Kindle Direct Publishing

    The Gifts Emotions Give Us

    Becky Cooper has a desire to make understanding emotions tangible for all people. Learn about BIG emotions with Little One.

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  • Stephanie Polcyn's self published book "Sweet Disaster's 90 Day Reset" self published and sold through Amazon KDP and Kindle Direct Publishing

    Sweet Disaster's 90 Day Reset

    Stephanie encourages you to prioritize yourself so that you can achieve your greatness, accept your GOD given gifts and are healthy enough to His mission for you.

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  • Linda Bonner, author of the self published book "Waiting on the Sunrise" from Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon KDP

    Waiting on the Sunrise

    Linda Bonner tells a beautiful love story of her son who was born with Down Syndrome and gives hope and encouragement to families with developmental disabilities.

    Meet Linda 
  •  Colleen Keefe Faul and her self published book "God's Precious Gift- A Special Needs Child"

    God's Precious Gift- A Special Needs Child

    is the heartwarming story of a mommy and daddy who find out their daughter has special needs. Through prayer, Jesus helps them to understand that their child is a gift to them not in spite of her special needs but because of them.

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  • An image of a Self published book called Blake Explores Manufacturing by Amanda Gregory and Joe House

    Blake Explores Manufacturing! Manufacturing A Kids Experience

    Join Blake and his Dad on their journey of discovering manufacturing all around us.

    Blake Explores Manufacturing helps simplify and define the meaning of manufacturing and the significant impact it has within a day and life of a child.

    Get "Blake Explores Manufacturing" 
  • Monika Creator of the jewelry company Hooked Crochet with samples of her earrings


    Monika hand crochets these beautifully, delicate earrings one at a time. They are light and oh-so-lovely!

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  • Stephanie Gross Easterling, the founder and creator of Dancing Starfish Designs, a jewelry making company

    Dancing Starfish Designs

    Stephanie creates beautiful, handmade earrings in a variety of styles. My favorites ones are also waterproof, vibrant and glittery!

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  • A photo of Lindsey Krisko, owner and founder of the clothing boutiques Glitter Dixie Designs and Glitter Dixie Collective

    Glitter Dixie Boutique

    Lindsay (love her name!!) is fun and oh-so-fashionable! Her goal is to help you feel comfy, cute, classy and confident each day whether you are at home or work. I love this...she says, "Make your days sparkle!"

    Find Your Sparkle 
  • Natasha, owner and founder of The Pink Honeycomb, a boutique featuring women's clothes with ruffles.

    The Pink Honeycomb

    Natasha speaks my language! She has so many beautiful pieces! I especially love all the ruffles!

    Get Your Ruffles 
  • Purposeful Fashion with Ginny and Noonday Collection. She donated pieces for me to wear in my self publishing YouTube video.

    Purposeful Fashion with Ginny

    Ginny is an ambassador for Noon Day...a beautiful collection of clothing, jewelry and more created by women earning fair wages.

    Shop with Ginny 
  • Cake-n-Crumb

    My friend Chelsea and her mom make fabulous cookies, cakes and "do it yourself kits" that my family loves!

    Taste for Yourself! 
  • Brew and Arrow Coffee

    Melissa and her husband travel around the Waco area with their many tasty coffees and treats.

    Get Your Coffee! 
  • Jenny McCaslin

    Come to small town Texas and live near me! Jenny was the sweetest, non-pushy and get-with-it realtor that helped us buy our new home! She is supports so many small businesses in Waco and focuses on mommies and family connections.

    Let Jenny Help You 
  • Hi there solutions, never miss a word founders who are bring accessibility to individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing

    Hi There Solutions

    Give a voice to the D(d)eaf and Hard of Hearing with real time captions, text to speech, speech to text, instant messaging, and animated American Sign Language sticker emojis.

    Get the "Hi There" app 
  • Emma Faye Rudkin gifting a child who is deaf with hearing aids through her organization called Aid the Silent.

    Aid the Silent

    Join Emma to strive for equality for the deaf community in four areas: deaf resources, deaf education, deaf ministry and deaf awareness. The impact she is making in the world is incredible!

    Donate and Join the Mission 
  • A photo of Deaf Metal, a jewelry company striving to accessorize hearing aids and cochlear implants to make them beautiful

    Deaf Metal

    DEAFMETAL® is an award winning, bold, fashion-forward jewelry innovation created and designed for hearing aid and cochlear implant users by Finnish fashion designer, Jenni Ahtiainen, who herself wears hearing aids.

    Glam Up Your Device! 
  • Jenna Sefkow, owner and founder of Snapberry Photography who did self published author Lindsay Dain's photographs of her and her books published on Amazon KDP

    Snapberry Photography

    Jenna is a master photographer. She has a vision for beauty and captures it flawlessly. She does family and branding photography. She did my photos!

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  • Photo of Kendra, owner and founder of Paisley Layne Photography who took photographs of Lindsay Dain and her self published teacher focused books created on Amazon KDP and Kindle Direct Publishing

    Paisley Layne Photography

    Kendra has made it her goal to help women feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. She did the photos for the magazine I was in!

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  • Stephanie Polcyn's podcast "Sweet Disaster's Faithfully Fit" featured Lindsay Dain and their self publishing journeys with Kindle Direct Publishing

    Sweet Disaster's Faithfully Fit Podcast

    Find out more about what health is and isn’t, ruffle feathers and become faithfully fit together!!

    Listen to the Podcast 
  • Southlake CityLifestyle Magazine that featured self published author and illustrator Lindsay Dain and her books created on Amazon KDP

    Southlake City Lifestyle

    I love that this magazine features local entrepreneurs every issue! I am featured in their August 2023 Edition!

    Read The Current Issue