Wholesale and Bulk Ordering

a photo of two children carrying boxes representing bulk and wholesale orders of self-published author, Lindsay Dain's creation via Amazon's KDP and Kindle Direct Publishing

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Whether you are a school who wants to provide materials for a whole class or a store who wants to resell my products...

You have options!

  • An image representing diverse store owners and retailers who can carry self-published author and illustrator, Lindsay Dain's creative works from Amazon KDP and Kindle Direct Publishing.

    Wholesale Pricing for Retailers

    Buy my products at a discount and resell them in your shop!

    (Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate Number is required)

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  • A child holding a lot of books representing the opportunity to purchase self published author and illustrator Lindsay Dain's creations from Amazon KDP and Kindle Direct Publishing in bulk for a discounted price.

    I'm not a retailer, but I want a bulk discount!

    Not a retailer? No problem! You can still order in bulk.

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    • Amazon is the printer and shipper, but Lindsay is the small business behind every product

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why can't I buy bulk from Amazon?

    You can buy multiple copies from Amazon for the retail price. If you want a cheaper price for more books, you order through me. What I do is order author copies and have them shipped to you.

    What is the difference between wholesale and bulk ordering?

    • Wholesale= my customer is a shop owner
    • Bulk= my customer is anyone else

    Wholesale ordering means that my customer will be a store owner who is buying books from me to re-sell in their store. I can sell the books to them tax free because they will sell them and charge tax. Anyone who sells items has a sales and use tax resale certificate number issued to them by the state. I have to have their information in my files so that I can show who I have not collected tax from and why.

    Bulk ordering is a customer buying more items for less money. This is not for resale so it does require that I charge tax.

    How does buying in bulk benefit ME?

    Buying in bulk will benefit you because you save money! I lower the cost for bulk orders because it benefits me when you buy my books. I would rather sell more books at a cheaper price than less books at a higher price. I am excited to get my books in everyone’s hands, so if you will buy a lot, I will discount them for you!

    How does buying in bulk benefit YOU?

    I make can more profit on a bulk order even though the prices are reduced for my customers. When people buy one book on Amazon at a time, more is “shaved off of the top” for Amazon. When you buy in bulk and I order the copies instead of you, less is “shaved off.” When people buy in bulk, it also benefits me because more of my products are being distributed around the country!

    What is an author copy?

    An author copy is a book that I order on the back end of Amazon. All of my books are created on Amazon’s platform called Kindle Direct Publishing. I create and list them and then Amazon shows them to customers. When a customer buys a book on Amazon, the books are printed and shipped directly to them. The money for the book is paid directly to Amazon. Then, after Amazon takes their cut for printing, shipping, etc. they pay me a royalty. An author copy is sold to me, the author at my print cost. Amazon still gets their cut for printing and shipping, but they don’t get a commission off the sale of my book because I am not a customer.

    What is the catch?

    When I order author copies, it takes Amazon 10 days before they are printed and shipped. This makes buying from them on the front end easier because of free shipping and quick turnaround. Easier though, is also more expensive. If I want to buy author copies at a cheaper price, then I have to wait longer to receive them.

    How long will it take for me to get my items?

    Amazon will print and ship the order 10 days after it is placed. You can expect your order within two weeks.

    Will I be able to track my order?

    Yes. When you place the order with me, then I place the order with Amazon. They will give me an estimated delivery date that I will share with you. Once your order has been shipped, I get a notification that I will pass along as well.