Digital Art Gear

I love digital art! This is what I use and recommend!

This page contains Amazon affiliate links so if you click on them and make a purchase, I will get a small commission.

  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch

    This is the iPad that I have. It has been the BEST purchase and has changed my life!

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  • Logitech Keyboard Case

    This is awesome because my iPad can also be my laptop. It definitely helps when I travel and want to write.

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  • Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

    This charges wirelessly on the iPad and attaches magnetically. The performance is excellent- the pressure sensitivity is just like a real pencil! It's a MUST.

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  • Digital Drawing Glove

    The iPad is pressure sensitive. This glove allows you to rest your hand on the iPad without it registers as being touched. Another MUST HAVE!

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  • Pencil Grips

    About 3 months into drawing all the time, my hand started cramping from having such a small grip. I got these pencil grips and they help me draw more comfortably.

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  • Lap Desk

    If I'm drawing iPad is on this. I can sit on the couch...or anywhere and draw comfortably. It is adjustable so it has multiple angled options. I love it!

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  • Paperlike

    This is a film put on the iPad to feel like paper. It helps to draw smooth and doesn't have a screen feel. It's an expensive extra but I don't' draw without it.

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  • iPad Carrying Case

    This says it's for a MacBook but I use it for my iPad. I have space to add a little extra in there. It's padded, waterproof, can fit on my carry-on bag when traveling and can be carried like a purse....and they are so pretty!!

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  • Selfie Stand

    This is what I use to record my fast motion drawings and all of my YouTube videos. It is versitile, compact and has lights! It has a remote too, but I haven't used that yet. I love this stand!

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  • iPad 10.2 inch

    This is a perfect size for my kids and not as pricy as some other sizes. Not too big, not to small.

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  • 10.2 Inch Kid's Case

    These are colorful, soft and they have a handle. They can be propped up or not.....they love them!

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  • Logitech Crayon- Digital Pencil

    This one had the best reviews and was a little less expensive than the Apple Pencil. It is more flattened than a pencil but has great pressure sensitivity! I like that they are colorful too....we got each girl a different color.

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