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Autographed Copy of "I'm Getting A Cochlear Implant," Self Published through Amazon KDP

Autographed Copy of "I'm Getting A Cochlear Implant," Self Published through Amazon KDP

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Discover the magic of understanding hearing loss with this captivating and vibrant children's picture book, self-published through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. Dive into a world of rhythm and color as you explore the journey of embracing and comprehending hearing loss. With engaging storytelling and captivating illustrations, this book effortlessly educates readers young and old. Autographed copies are available, adding a personal touch to this already remarkable treasure. Unlock a world of knowledge and compassion in an easy, enjoyable way. Perfect for parents, educators, and anyone passionate about fostering understanding. Grab your autographed copy today and embark on a joyful adventure of learning about hearing loss!

Would you like an autographed copy of my book, "I'm Getting A Cochlear Implant?" I'd be happy to send you one! 

United States & US Territories only.

Are you out of the US? Send me a message at to make arrangements.

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Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend checking out Lindsay Dain! Her heartwarming stories often touch on themes of kindness and acceptance, including those involving special needs. Her works beautifully convey messages of empathy and understanding. Her illustrations and so sweet and I love the option to personalize!

Diane Godfrey
Amazon Review- There are no good books for children on cochlear surgery

It’s difficult to explain cochlear surgery and devices.
I’m about to have surgery and was looking for books for my grandkids to understand.
So far I haven’t found one. This was confusing, wordy and made no sense at times.
I’ll donate to the drs office, maybe.
I’ve spent money on several books trying to find one…no luck.

Ruth Soto

Must read for all: I bought this book as a gift for a friend’s daughter who was getting a cochlear implant. Before gifting the book, I read it to my kids and some of their friends. We all learned things that would be good for everybody to know. I enjoyed the fun science lesson that kept my kids engaged. It also made it easier for them to be able to relate to those who have differences and find commonalities. This would be an awesome gift for a school teacher’s library. It bridged across age levels well with things explained simply enough to keep a 5 year old engaged while challenging and expanding my 12 year olds knowledge.