Children's Picture Books

Amazon KDP's self published Author and Illustrator Lindsay Dain who creates children's picture books through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform

I have 4 published children's picture books...

with many, many more to come!

Autographed copies available.

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Amazon is the printer and the shipper, but there is a small business behind the scenes.

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows self-publishers like me an opportunity to get our book(s) out there, without a huge financial obligation. They are a BIG company, but they are helping the little people by making this available.

  • Shipped by Amazon, created completely by me, Lindsay Dain
  • Even with a big print-on-demand company, you can still shop small
  • Printed in the United States (those shipped in the US)
  • Available worldwide (printed in country they are ordered in)
  • Support a woman owned business
  • Glossy covers- easy clean up for sticky fingers
  • Self-published from start to finish by an ordinary mom and teacher

Ask the Author

Are you traditionally published?

No. I have created and self-published all of my picture books and more. I am the writer, editor, illustrator, designer, marketing department, IT,'s all me! My husband, Dan is my cheerleader. He helped me write Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road in Key West?

Can I get your books at big box stores like Barnes and Noble?

It is possible, but I have chosen not to get my books in the big stores. I am sticking with Amazon only.

Why don't you want them in big box stores?

I would love if they were, but if I choose to put them in those stores, I only get a few cents per book. My margin is better with Amazon only.

How can we support you in your small business?

When you buy my books and creations on Amazon, you have the opportunity to write a review. If you think my book brings value to you, please consider writing a review. It really helps me!

How do reviews help you?

Amazon has millions and millions of books available. When you write a review (for me or anyone), it gives the product more credibility. People like to read reviews. If there are no reviews, they may not buy it. Reviews cannot be written until it is a verified purchase. It can be very short and sweet. When Amazon sees that people are buying my books and writing reviews, they will show it to even more people. It will also increase my rank- and it will be higher on the search list. Thank you!

Do you have any incentives that come with your picture books?

Yes! I have 3 of my 4 picture books as read alouds on YouTube. Myself or my daughters will read it to you! You're child can follow along in their book while they listen.

It is so cool that you publish these books yourself! Is it possible for me to do that too?

Yes! You absolutely can self-publish! Check out my "Shine and Self Publish" tab. You can also contact me through the "Contact" tab. I have studied a lot and have gained so much knowledge on this great adventure! Knowledge is power and sharing is caring! :)

Can I sell these in my store or gift shop?

Yes! Check out the "Wholesale and Bulk Ordering" tab. You're welcome to contact me and we can see how many you want and work out the details. Wholesale is cheaper and has no tax. I'd love to chat about it!

They aren't in big stores. Are your books in little stores?

Yes! My books are available at gift shops in Texas and Florida right now. I can't wait to get them in small shops all across America!