Personalized Books

Image of a girl before she gives a gift. Self Published author and illustrator Lindsay Dain has two personalized teacher and mommy gift. They are picture books.

Create a Book They Will Never Forget…

that comes straight from your heart.

Are you tired of giving the same generic gifts that don’t show how much they really mean to you?

"You’ve created radical change in my child’s life this year and I
want to say Thank You!" …..
 with a gift card?!

"You have shown so much strength
through your infertility journey and I’m elated to witness your pregnancy and
arrival of this miracle"
.... here’s some diapers?!

Pull their heart strings and say “I Love You” with a story that
touches the deepest parts of their soul. Say exactly what you want to say with a custom dedication.

  • Write Your Love Letter

    Formatted to fit your special message, no matter the length.

  • Starring.....YOU!

    Include photograph(s) in the book that are unique to you and the recipient.

  • It’s The Real Deal!

    Bookstore quality with heavy, glossy paper and vibrant colors.

  • The self published book "You're More Than My Teacher" was created for a child with special needs. His mother was very pleased with the outcome. A photo of a special needs child and his mother.

    "My son has been with his same two teachers for six years. I had no idea what to get them after all they have done for so long. She (Lindsay) has been beyond exceptional to work with and has spent so much time making the perfect gift."

    You're More Than My Teacher

    Christi in Tennessee

  • A girl looking surprised as she holds a gift- a teacher gift or mommy gift of a self published personalized storybook.

    "The quality of this book is outstanding! It made me cry and I have no doubt that it will elicit the same response from my daughter’s teacher when we give it to her for Christmas."

    You're More Than My Teacher

    Breena in California

  • A photo of a surprised mommy to be getting a self published personalized storybook called "I'm Your Mommy."

    "My daughter loved the book! She saw the first page and stopped reading because she knew it was going to make her cry. When she went home, she read it and immediately text me."

    I'm Your Mommy

    Christine in Texas

  • Try not to cry
  • The gift everyone will be talking about
  • Personalized gifts are always the best
  • A book like NO other
  • It won't be a repeat gift
  • Touching and heart felt
  • It's the "Thank You" I felt but didn't know how to express
  • It will be cherished for years and years
  • A "big hug" in a book
  • Follow along read-aloud on YouTube
  • Created by an ordinary person just like you
  • Work directly with the author/ illustrator
  • Printed in the United States
  • Shipped anywhere in the US
  • Support a small, woman-owned business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get it?

I can personalize your storybook right away and send it to the printer. The printer usually sends me a shipping notification one week after it is uploaded. I would expect it to take no more than 4 days to be shipped. It is shipped media mail through USPS.

Can I add more than one photo?

Sure. I can add photos all over the story if you would like!

What if the photo is blurry?

If the picture looks blurry, I will contact you. I can show you what it looks like and you can decide if you want to send it to me in a different format or if you want to give me a different photo.

I have a lot to say. Are you sure it can be as long as I want?

I am the creator so I have full access to the entire book. I can format it to fit one page or two. The dedication is fully customizable and I can work with you to make it look just right. In this case, I would have you approve it before I send it to the printer.

Sometimes books are folded into my mailbox. What if it is damaged?

These books are shipped in fantastic packaging! They come with hard cardboard on each side. No one can fold it…well maybe Superman can….

In the book, “You’re More Than My Teacher,” can you change the characters to look like my child?

No, sorry. My goal was to have a variety of people in the story. There are boys and girls, men and women, teachers and students, old people and young people and different ethnicities. It is a personalized book in that the messages, the name and the photos are unique, but it does not come with custom illustrations.

I need it in a hurry! Can you expedite delivery?

No, sorry. I can upload it quickly, the same day typically as the order is placed. I don’t have any control over the printing, shipping or delivery times. It’s worth the wait and it doesn’t take that long. I like to give it 2 weeks, but that is pretty conservative. In Amazon days, we want everything tomorrow. If you know you want it, I would encourage you to go ahead and order. You never know how many orders I will have and if there is an issue, having a little wiggle room is more comfortable anyway!

I live right next to the United States in Canada. Can you ship to Canada?

No, I don’t have any control over the shipping. The printer I use only ships to the United States.

Are you ready to get started?

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