I'm Getting A Cochlear Implant

Image of the front cover of the self published book called "I'm Getting a Cochlear Implant: Learn About How I Will Hear!" on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform

Understanding Hearing Loss can be Easy...

with this rhythmic and colorful children’s picture book!

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"Hearing loss is hard to understand! How am I supposed to explain it to my child and others when I don’t even understand it myself?"

"I forget half of what the doctors tell me in the office anyway and the big words just make the whole visit fuzzy.”

Read “I’m Getting a Cochlear Implant” at your own pace, as many times as you need to really understand hearing loss and all that goes with it. The analogy of a man and a piano will help you see it in a whole new way. Have the answers to the many questions that are asked, right in the back of the book!

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  • An page answeing the question "What is Sound?" in the self-published book "I'm Getting a Cochlear Implant" through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

    Get the Answers to all the Common Questions

    right in the back of the book!

  • A page from the self published book about cochlear implants and hearing loss with the little man who represents the hairs cells in the ear made possible by Amazon KDP

    “See” Hearing Loss in a New Way

    through the story of the man and the piano.

  • A page from the book about hearing loss and cochlear implants, self published through Kindle Direct Publishing outlining different hearing aid types.

    A New Tool in Your Tool Belt

    Bring it along and share it with peers, educators and anyone who may have questions related to hearing loss.

  • "I find it marvelous that Dain shared how every family is different, that some people choose to get devices to help them hear while other’s don’t, and both are perfectly good options!"

    Ms. Fagin

    Early Educator and Business Owner in Texas

  • "Really well done. I love the set up, analogies, and summary along with all the animations. You have taken a complex medical condition and solutions, and simplified both in an easy to understand way."

    Mr. Faldetta

    Vice President Sales and Market Development, Advanced Bionics in Oregon

  • "The way you read it could easily be adjusted based on age/grade level. I think you could keep it simple with a younger Pre-K or Kindergarten student, but go more in depth with elementary school-aged kids, and teach about how to read an audiogram, anatomy and physiology of the ear, etc."

    Ms. Isberg

    Pathologist/ Deaf Educator in Illinois

• Answers Many Common Questions
What is Sound?
• How Does Hearing Work?
• What is Hearing Loss?
• What Types of Devices Help with Hearing Loss?
• How Does a Cochlear Implant Work?
• What is an Audiogram?
• What is the Speech Banana?

• Bright and Colorful
• Informational only, Unbiased
• Rhythmic Melody to Engage Young Children
• Tool for Counselors, General and Deaf Educators
• Resource for Audiology Clinics
• Resource for Speech Therapy Programs
• A Tool and Resource for University Programs of Speech and Hearing
• Makes a Great Gift For Cochlear Implant Candidates and Recipients

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book written in any other languages?

It is in English for now. If you are interested in being a part of that process, please contact Lindsay@HisLittleLightOfMine.com

Does it explain the surgery process of cochlear implants?

No. It does not explain the surgery process. It does explain how the cochlear implant works and has illustrations of where the cochlear implant is located in the cochlea.

Is this a book for individuals that are deaf or hard of hearing?

Yes! It helps explain what hearing loss is, types of hearing loss and devices available. It also shares about the audiogram and speech banana which are both tools for device programming.

Could hearing individuals benefit from this book?

Absolutely! They will learn about sound and how typical hearing works. They will also learn about hearing loss and have a better understanding of how it affects others.

My child doesn’t have a cochlear implant. Should they read this book anyway?

Yes! No matter what condition your hearing is, it is always good to learn more about yourself and others around you. This book can be used academically in a unit about senses, for example and in social emotional education in teaching understanding, accepting and accommodating differences.

Will this book shame my decision to use or not to use devices for my child who is deaf or hard of hearing?

Absolutely not. This is an informational book about sound, hearing loss and hearing devices. There are no opinions stated in the story. It does state that every family is different and any choice they make around hearing loss is their own and all are ok.

Does this story talk about American Sign Language?

No, this story explains sound, hearing, hearing loss and how a cochlear implant works in a fun and child-like way. It gives unbiased information about devices and programming but does not discuss American Sign Language.

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