Lick your lips and laugh while reading this colorful, rhythmic picture book! Be inspired to try something new by adding some sprinkles! Do sprinkles make sisters better? You'll have to try that out for yourself!

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Ask the Author

What gave you the idea to write this story?

I have two daughters. When they were about 5 and 9, we were talking about our food at the dinner table. One of them said, "Everything is better with sprinkles!" My girls like to argue a lot so I thought... Everything??? Do you think sprinkles would make your sister better...or less appealing to argue with? (Please?!) Parents with more than one understand don't you? There are so many book ideas I get just inside my home! :)

You have so many books to write! Why write this one next?

I thought I would write a different story for number 5. (Dan and I have one we are writing about pigs.) That one isn't ready to illustrate just yet. I have about 27 book ideas listed in my office. I was looking at the list... Everything is Better with Sprinkles was written years ago and those pictures just started coming to me (thank you God!) So, I "went with it!"

Do you use sprinkles to encourage your kids to eat?

I enjoyed trying to do the "Pinterest Mom" type things with some foods I prepared for my girls. It was fun and they did eat some things they may not have eaten otherwise- especially bananas, peanut butter & sprinkles. and yogurt with sprinkles. It's funny though, any time I cook or bake with my littlest one now, she always wants to add everything!

What is your favorite type of sprinkles?

My favorite sprinkles are jimmies. You will notice that jimmies are the most popular sprinkle throughout the book! When we go to the donut shop, 9 times out of 10, I order white frosted donuts with (jimmies) sprinkles! They are most definitely my favorite!

Do you think sprinkles make sisters better?

I haven't tested it out before. Have you? Do you think sprinkles make sisters better? What about brothers????