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A photo of a Tshirt press with different clip art options. Lindsay Dain, a self-published author and illustrator on Amazon KDP also has clip art available for purchase.

I love custom T-shirts, bags, coffee cups...but do all of these shops use their own art?

Those designs come from somewhere. It's really important to look at the FINE PRINT when buying digital art or fonts.

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Some art is for personal use only...that means no selling. Other art is for commercial use, but sometimes the fine print says up to 5000 units. What if your design is amazing and you want to sell more than 5000?!

That is where my art is different. In my terms, people who buy my art can use it any way they want (full license) with only one exception....not in picture book illustrations.

A variety of adults and children with hearing devices clip art images created by  author and illustrator, Lindsay Dain who is self published on Amazon KDP and Kindle Direct Publishing

I recently learned of a need that I could meet!

My friend, who is a Teacher of the Deaf mentioned something to me around the time I published my book I'm Getting a Cochlear Implant.

"We need more pictures of people with hearing devices. Old people, young people....all people. Our kids need to see others in their world who look like them."

Ask the Illustrator

How do you know what to draw?

I just get ideas from God (I believe)….and I just start! Some of the artwork turns out great and other times it doesn't. I think the biggest hurdle for artists is just to get started.

When and where do you draw? Do you have any inspiration?

Sometimes, I will go to a public event like volleyball, soccer or gymnastics with my girls. I will pull out my sketchbook and just try to draw people around me. I may try to focus on their facial features or even the way that they move their body. It’s very interesting to notice the different features people have…they are all the same but are also so different. God is very creative!

Most of the time, I draw at home. I really like to sit on the couch with my kiddos and hang out with them and draw at the same time. I can watch a movie and draw, too. What is super awesome is when we all sit on the couch and draw together! Ahhh…mazing! :)

What is something you want to share with other illustrators?

I heard someone say something like, Art is a skill, not a gift. A gift is something you just come by naturally. A skill can be nurtured and developed. The more you do it, the better you get. That is so true! You can get better if you want to …but it is going to cost you something- your time!

How do you get better if you don’t know what you’re doing?

I love to follow different artists. You can learn from others just by watching them. Dissect their style. See what you like about their art. Look at the world around you…like really look. Look at the clouds... notice the colors. There are a lot. Why do some look high or low? Why do they look fluffy? It’s the colors. Get curious! It’s amazing what we look over when we aren’t intentional.

What medium do you use?

I almost always use my iPad Pro 12.9, 2nd Generation Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. I also like to use a pencil and a sketchbook. Sometimes I will sketch with pencil, take a picture of it on my iPad and color it digitally.

What would you say to someone who would like to illustrate, but doesn’t really know how?

Procreate is for everyone! You do not have to be an amazing artist to create beautiful things on Procreate. It is made up of layers. So, when I draw a face for example, I will have a seperate layer for the face, whites of the eyes, pupils, color of the eyes, nose, cheeks, etc. You can change the colors and you can move them around! You can put the eyes in the middle of the face and then move them around to make them facing sideways. It is awesome! There are so many things that Procreate allows us, who may not necessarily feel like we are real artists, to do! Give it a try! There are lots of tutorials on YouTube! I actually have some. It has changed my life!

Who do you recommend to learn from on YouTube?

Lisa Bardot! I have learned so much from her! She has so many tutorials and just art basics. She is fantastic! I also like Bee Jay Del. Many artists (listed below) have tutorials or Patreon, etc.

Who are some of the artists you follow that inspire you?

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