Bible Verse Handwriting Books

The cover image of the Bible Verse Handwriting Practice workbook print version self published through Amazon KDP

Handwriting Practice & Bible Study in One!

Learn the Word of God while
reading, tracing, copying and drawing in this handwriting practice workbook.

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Your child’s handwriting isn’t up to your standards. You read and recite some Bible verses together, but does she really understand what she is saying?

"I can’t even read his writing! Did
they really quit teaching cursive? She needs to learn and more importantly-

Give him the opportunity to practice at home. If there is a gap in her education, you can fill it! The easy-to-understand Bible verses are paraphrased into first person! Their drawing response to the verse will let you know if they really understand the meaning of it. Most importantly, open Your Bible and see if you agree with the paraphrased version. 

Bible teaching? Check!

Handwriting Practice? Check!

  • Truly Understand the Verses

    They are paraphrased into
    first person.

  • Be in The Word

    Check the paraphrase
    for accuracy. Ask their opinion. They likely have one!

  • Fill the Handwriting Gap

    Read, trace, copy and draw the Bible verse.

  • A picture of a girl practicing handwriting using the self published Bible Verse Handwriting Book created through Kindle Direct Publishing

    "My daughter loves this handwriting notebook! We homeschool and it’s perfect for Bible memory and handwriting! Plus, she loves to draw, so the open spaces for that are great!"

    Amazon Review by Roger S.

  • A photo of a boy praying to God. The Bible Verse Handwriting Book speaks to the hearts of children with its first person writing style.

    "This handwriting workbook is so thoughtfully designed. I love how the verses are written to speak to the heart of a child."

    Amazon Review by GinT.

  • Photo of children practicing handwriting skills with the self published Bible Verse Handwriting Workbooks created on Amazon KDP

    "This is a great handwriting book for children. I love how they can practice their handwriting and at the same time learn the word of God. On each page, there’s plenty of room to practice your handwriting and draw a picture."

    Amazon review by Brad

• Print Practice
• Cursive Practice
• Verses are paraphrased with the child’s heart in mind
• Verses are quoted for Bible reference
• Large print for accurate tracing
• Designed for mastery
• Multiple lines for repeated practice
• Large picture space to respond with art
• Multiple pathways to learning: listening, speaking, writing and illustration
• Paraphrased in first person
• Designed for true understanding
• Thicker paper for artwork and corrections
• Glossy cover for unplanned clean-ups

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Paraphrased" mean?

Paraphrased means words were changed but the intended message stays the same. “I shall venture out to the market” could be paraphrased as “I will go to the store.”

What does "Paraphrased for Personalization" mean?

Paraphrased for Personalization means the words were changed from “you” statements to “I” statements without changing the intended message. “You make me feel so good" could be paraphrased for personalization as “I feel so good when I am with you.”

What is the purpose of paraphrasing the verses?

Children understand best when they are the main character. These are paraphrased to make the child the main character with the intention of a better ability to grasp the concept of the verse.

Consider asking a child to draw a picture. You could say…. “Draw God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will have everlasting life.” Or you could say “Draw God loved me so much that He sent his Son to pay for my sins instead of me.”

Which statement do you think a child would be able to draw? I believe they could better understand and draw the second direction which is paraphrased for personalization.

Which Bible version did you use for inspiration?

New International Readers Version

What is the benefit of checking in my own Bible?

Joshua 1:8 says, “Never stop reading this Book of the Law. Day and night you must think about what it says. Make sure you do everything written in it. Then things will go well with you. And you will have great success.” (NIrV) He encourages us to get into our own Bible.

It is important that you don’t accept everyone’s words as truth. I encourage you to look for yourself. Ask your children what they think. They need to be encouraged to “look it up” and voice their opinion. It opens up a great line for communication and allows them to state their opinion, because they have one and it is valuable.