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If I Could Suggest Only One Children's Book...

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Christmas is coming and everyone wants to get great gifts for their kiddos. Books are a great option because you can read them over and over for years to come.

I was recently talking to a friend who just became a parent (congrats!) and I said, "If I could recommend only one book for my children, it would be this one!"

What is it? It is called "The Wonderful World of Wemmicks" by Max Lucado. I reviewed it on GoodReads because I love it so much! Here is my review...


Everyone needs to read this book! It is actually a collection of all of Mr. Lucado's Wemmick stories. He is so creative in his vision of Wemmicksville.

These stories show how twisted our world can be and how having God can change that -in such an beautiful and meaningful way. God isn't mentioned in the story but it is clear to me as an adult that Eli represents God and the wemmicks represent us as His creation. This is a great conversation starter with children.

How does this relate to our lives?
How do we compare to the wemmicks?
How do you think God feels about us?
Who is Eli?

One story is about dots and stars. The wemmicks put dots (bad marks) and stars (good marks) on each other. They stick...except for on one little girl, Lucia. Nothing sticks to her....why? Because she goes to see Eli, the wemmick maker. The dots and stars only stick if you believe them. Eli helps her to believe who she is (a Child of God) and the dots and stars of other wemmicks (what the world says) don't have value.

Another story is about green noses. They are all painting their noses green. It seems like if you are a "good wemmick" then you have a green nose too. Until...the fad changes and everyone changes their nose to another color. Again, they all try to be "in" and paint it the newest color. It is so representative of "keeping up with the Joneses!"

Same with the story of the balls and boxes. They all decided that anyone who is somebody has many boxes and balls. It's like the hamster wheel of life...trying to keep up! The poor guy, Punchinello has sold his house, his bed, gotten an extra job and neglected his friends....but he thinks he is a "good wemmick" because he has boxes and balls.

Parents will learn more from this book than the kids! There are even more stories.  You won't be disappointed!

If you want to teach Christian values and encourage your kids (and yourself) to not be so involved in the ways of the world, this book is most definitely for you!


I read this book for my children but I also read it for myself. Let me know what you think about it!

  • What story is your favorite?
  • Who is your favorite character?
  • Can you see yourself in the stories?
  • Are you reminded of God's love? 
  • Are you more proud to be who he made you to be? 

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