Unwrap a Christmas Book: A Dain Family Tradition

Unwrap a Christmas Book: A Dain Family Tradition

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I love to have a basket of thematic books for my kids to choose from during different seasons. During Christmas, I actually wrap up all my Christmas books.  Every night the kids ( I have 2 daughters) take turns getting to pick a book to unwrap and read. They love this! It's the same books year after year but we don't care! It's always exciting to fall in love all over and over again with a book from years past. 

Throughout the years I have added to my Christmas collection. I love when I can find books that are new and not the same old story!

Several years ago, I met a self-published author at a community event. She radiated excitement and a love of reading and writing books! I had aspirations of writing at that time, but when we met, it was just a "pie in the sky" dream. (At the time of this post, I have since published 4 picture books! Woohoo!)

She told me about all the books that she had. I fell in love with her story, "Santa's Beard!" This is a MUST read at Christmas time! Here is my review on GoodReads.


I love this book! It is another beautiful (but not the "same old") Christmas story! The book's quality is FANTASTIC! I have the hard cover version (not sure if that's the only version or not) It is part of our special Christmas collection of books that we read every.single.year!

This story tells that Santa's beard grows because of children's good behavior. There is a problem...how do we "tame" the beard? It keeps growing! The elves decided to cut it and give it to the children who are good and are participating in making it grow.

The back of the book actually has an envelope with some of his beard inside! It's a white curly section of his beard wrapped in a red ribbon. It's awesome! I'm a teacher and I read this to my students! Of course, there is only a little bit of the beard for the owner of the book...so I went out and made extra beards to give to all my children. Such an awesome story!

This is a great book for home and for classroom libraries! Preschool and elementary school teachers...add this to your list of Christmas books to read year after year!

I HIGHLY recommend!

The author, Sharon Thayer has a great story of her own as well!


If you want a copy, or even better....to gift your favorite teacher with a copy to add to her classroom library, you can get your copy here

Sharon is a lovely lady with many wonderful books. I'll share more about another favorite of mine another time. If you want to learn more about Sharon Thayer, click here

Add Christmas books to your home library! Check out my favorite Christmas books here


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Such a fun idea! I wanted to do it last year but just ran out of time. Thanks for the early reminder. I know the kids will love it :)

Amber McMahan

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